Town Clerk/Town Treasurer: Dianna Simpson- 2020

Phone: 802-467-3377


Address: 167 Underpass Road – Sutton, Vermont   05867

Hours:  Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Hours: Friday Closed

Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Treasurer: Gail Weed

Phone: 802-467-3377


Address:   167 Underpass Road Sutton, Vermont 05867

Sutton Selectboard (with term completion dates)
Jeff “Joe” Solinsky – 2020
Tim Simpson – 2021
Denis Royer II- 2022

Mary Gray–Minutes Clerk

Information for Select Board members can be mailed to:  167 Underpass Road, Sutton, VT  05867

Moderator: Marlin (Chip) Devenger) 2020


Mary Gray (Appointed)

Paul Lane (Appointed)

Information for Listers can be mailed to 167 Underpass Road, Sutton, VT  05867


Elaine Bandy – 2020
Danielle Fortin- 2021
Jeannie Powers 2022

Information for Auditors can be mailed to 167 Underpass Road, Sutton, VT  05867

First Constable: Kurt Nygren, 2020

Second Constable: Byron Savory 2020

Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Clint Gray, 2020

Town Grand Juror: Kathy Keizer, 2020

Town Agent: Glen Stine, 2020

Agent to Convey Real Estate: John Sylvester, 2020

Water Commissioners: Scott Spencer 2020

Sexton of Cemeteries: Patricia Jackson, 2020

Health Officer: Scott Spencer, 2021

Justices of the Peace

Danielle Fortin  2021
Marlin “Chip” Devenger  2021
Celeste Girrell  2021
Allen Seymour 2021
Patrick Seymour 2021

Fence Viewers
Norbert Patoine 2019
Roderick Jackson 2019

Town Service Officer: Elaine Bandy 2019
Town Environmental Officer: Debra Jackson 2019
Inspector of Wood, Shingles, Lumber: John Sylvester 2019
Fire Warden: Norbert Patoine 2021
Conservation Commission: Debra Jackson 2019
Zoning Administration Officer: Joe Witt
Assistant/Alternate Zoning Admin: Brandon Mazur