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Time to Order Insulating Window Inserts for a Warmer Home!
Drafty Windows? High Heating Bills? Would you like to have a warmer home and save money? Nonprofit WindowDressers can help! Their insulating window inserts fit inside of your existing windows to let in all the sunlight and views while keeping more heat inside your home.  The inserts are high quality and low cost because they are built at barn-raising-style Community Builds across northern New England.

The inserts are built of attractive pine frames and wrapped drum-tight with a durable plastic film to create clear views through an insulating air space. Foam weather stripping around the outer edges stops drafts and aids the insert’s tight, custom fit. The inserts are installed from the inside of windows and held in place by friction. Depending on the efficiency of your windows and home, you could see fuel savings of up to 20% with inserts in place.

Pricing is based on size and finish (natural pine or white). A medium-sized 30 x 52 insert in pine costs $39 plus tax and in white costs $50 plus tax. WindowDressers offers low-income households up to 10 pine inserts at no charge. Donations of any amount are always welcome.

Your SUTTON  WindowDressers volunteer team is accepting orders now for the fall build season. Our volunteers will begin measuring windows in August when vaccination rates are higher and Covid rates have dropped.  The inserts will be assembled at local Community Builds in the fall, following all public health guidance at that time. Everyone who orders inserts also participates in the Community Build! The number of homes taken on by the SUTTON Community Build is limited to about 30, so interested households should sign up

CALL 424-6775 to sign up (leave a message andwe will get back to you)

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