When are property taxers considered late?

Taxes are considered delinquent the day after the due date. The due date varies by year. The due date for 2021 to be set at Town Meeting. 

What is the charge the day after taxes are due?

If taxes are paid after the due date, an 8% charge is assessed.

 Are post marked dates on envelopes, of the due dates for taxes acceptable and considered on time?

No, payment has to be at Town Office by 5:00 pm on due date.


What date are dog licenses due?

All dog licenses are due by April 1st of each year. 

What is the cost of a dog license before April 1st?

The cost of neutered dogs is $9.00. Non-neutered is $13.00.

 Is there a late fee for dog licenses purchases after April 1st?

Yes, the cost of neutered dogs is $11.00. Non-neutered is $17.00.


Do I need a building permit for any time I build something on my property?

Yes, unless it is an agricultural structure that meets setback requirements. The application processing cost is $50.00.


What is the cost of a recording fee?

The cost of a recording fee is $15.00 per page and the document becomes part of Sutton’s permanent records


Can I come in and do records research on my own?



What is the cost of having a copy made?

Copies are .25 each; a copy of a deed is $1.00.


How much does it cost to get a certified copy of a death, marriage, or birth certificate?

The cost is $10.00 per certified copy.