Town Clerk/Town Treasurer: Patrica McClure- 2022 

Phone: 802-467-3377


Address: 167 Underpass Road – Sutton, Vermont   05867

Hours:  Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Hours: Friday Closed

Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Treasurer: Gail Weed-2022
Phone: 802-467-3377


Address:   167 Underpass Road Sutton, Vermont 05867

Sutton Selectboard (with term completion dates)

Denis Royer II- 2022
Jeff “Joe” Solinsky – 2023
Tim Simpson – 2024

Mary Gray–Minutes Clerk

Information for Select Board members can be mailed to:  167 Underpass Road, Sutton, VT  05867

Moderator: Marlin (Chip) Devenger) 2022


Mary Gray (Appointed)

Paul Lane (Appointed)

Information for Listers can be mailed to 167 Underpass Road, Sutton, VT  05867


Jeannie Powers 2022
Elaine Bandy – 2023
Danielle Fortin- 2024

Information for Auditors can be mailed to 167 Underpass Road, Sutton, VT  05867

First Constable: Kurt Nygren, 2022

Second Constable: Byron Savory 2022

Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Mary Gray, 2022


Agent to Convey Real Estate: John Sylvester, 2022

Water Commissioners: Scott Spencer 2022

Sexton of Cemeteries: Patricia Jackson, 2022

Health Officer: Brandon Mazur 2022

Justices of the Peace

Danielle Fortin  2023
Marlin “Chip” Devenger  2023
Patrick Seymour 2023

Fence Viewers:Norbert Patoine 2022
Town Service Officer: Elaine Bandy 2022
Town Environmental Officer: Jeff Norris 2022
Inspector of Wood, Shingles, Lumber: John Sylvester 2022
Fire Warden: Norbert Patoine 2024
Conservation Commission: Jeff Norris 2022
Zoning Administration Officer: Joe Witt 2022